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1. Click above on the region of the world where you need the Dry-bulb Temperature Data

2. Enter your Location Information

3. The closest Weather Station will automatically pop-up.

4. Use the data for your design calculations.​


I set out to create this website based off of the need quickly and efficiently access the Dry-Bulb design temperature data. These maps represent 5,091 Weather Stations from around the world.

The data directly correlates with the informational notes listed in the 2011 NEC Articles 310.10, 310.15 and 690.7 and ASHRAE and can be used to ensure a code compliant PV Installation. 0.4% and 2% Average DB Temps are calculated based on the three hottest months of the year.

This map is for provided for free and for informational purposes. The data contained can be used as a guide, please double-check all calculations before conducting any electrical installations. Developed by a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer™.

Future Developments

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While I have provided this information for free, the website, hosting, and resources to maintain are not.  Please consider a donation to help keep this resource running, if you have found it useful.​  

Thank you for your generosity.

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